This is what we are

Sea saltworks are NATURE, they are life, they are BIODIVERSITY weatlh.

The independent voice of sea salt producers in Europe is already a reality.

SEASALT Europe is the European organisation of Sea Saltworks. Sea salt production is one of the most sustainable activities that exist due to the fact that we produce it from seawater with the help of the sun and the wind. The result: a huge wetland rich in biodiversity, whose most characteristic symbol is the flamingo.

We collaborate with different organizations, entities, companies, agencies and other stakeholders to ensure the well-being of a sector that is essential for the environmental health of our planet.

Amazing examples

Don’t miss this graphic report by National Geographic of one of the sea saltworks located in Spain where salt activity has created an impressive wetland of high ecological value.

The production of sea salt is a unique example of industry-nature symbiosis.

Gonzalo Díaz Caicoya — President of SEASALT Europe Association